Professor Robert J. Edelmann


Professor Edelmann has acted as a consultant on a range of projects of which the following are examples:

  • Project commissioned by Compaq Computers and undertaken by Firefly examining Technology Related Anger (Computer Rage)
  • Project commissioned by and undertaken by Firefly examining attitudes towards business ventures
  • Project commissioned by iCard and undertaken by Grant Butler Coomber on Homesickness and Health
  • Project commissioned by Shine Communications on fear in video games

Other consultancy work includes reviewing the literature and advising a pharmaceutical company on psychology and erectile dysfunction and legal firms on smoking behaviour and behaviour change and possible fear and avoidance of travel in those not directly involved in traumatic events as well as advising a number of organisations on a range of issues relating to conflicts at work.  He is the author of Interpersonal Conflicts at Work distributed by Blackwell Publishers.