Professor Robert J. Edelmann


Professor Edelmann has undertaken medico-legal work since 1987, taking instructions from both Claimant and Defendant firms and Insurance Companies.

Over the past two years the balance of this work (based on new instructions for assessment) has been approximately 20% Claimant, 75% Defendant and 5% Joint Instructions.

He specialises in problems relating to the interface between physical and psychological health particularly chronic pain, anxiety and phobias, post traumatic stress disorder, stress at work and psychosexual problems and psychology and infertility.  Please see the relevant page for further information.

Professor Edelmann is listed as an expert with the Police Specialist Operations Centre Expert Advisers database as well as on various expert databases including those online such as XPro Experts. 

Professor Edelmann is a member of the Expert Witness Institute ( and the Academy of Experts (