Professor Robert J. Edelmann


Professor Edelmann has provided advice to organisations on conflicts and stress at work, including workplace bullying, as well as undertaking medico-legal assessments relating to psychopathology alleged to have resulted from such problems.  He has prepared reports and given evidence at employment tribunals with regard to mental health issues in relation to the Disability Discrimination Act.

Examples of publications of relevance include:

  • Edelmann, R. J. (1993).  Interpersonal Conflicts at Work.  BPS Books. (Translated into Arabic, Dutch, Chinese and Bahasa Indonesian; there is also an Indian Edition)
  • Edelmann, R. J. & Woodall, L. (1997). Bullying at work. The Occupational Psychologist, 32, 28-31.
  • Brown, H, & Edelmann, R. J. (2000). Project 2000: A study of expected and experienced stressors and support reported by students and qualified nurses.  Journal of Advanced Nursing, 31, 857-864.

Professor Edelmann was commissioned by the Professional Association of Teachers to conduct a survey of bullying at work.  He provides stress counselling for a number of specialist uniformed professional groups and other organisations.